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Leaner, meaner DB9 blasts in

Auto Express
By Ross Pinnock

Stunning aluminium rims set upgraded DB9 apart, and car rides lower, too

Put an Aston Martin DB9 on a diet and what do you get? A leaner and fitter model than the standard car, the speedster benefits from Aston's newly launched Sport Pack for customers who think the original simply isn't sharp enough.

The revisions aim to appeal to keen drivers, but you'll be hard-pressed to spot them from the outside.

The most obvious change is to the wheels, as new five-spoke aluminium rims replace the original items. They're the same size as the standard designs, but are 1kg lighter to reduce unsprung weight and improve ride and handling.

And to show how far Aston engineers have gone in their bid to reduce weight, each boasts a set of five feather-light titanium wheel nuts. The Sport Pack also includes revised suspension, with stiffer springs to reduce body roll. Ride height is lowered by 6mm to provide a more aggressive, ground-hugging stance than the standard machine.

This new set-up enables the car to cope with heavier loads in bends, but engineers have enhanced the cornering ability further with a fresh aluminium design for the composite undertray. It not only smooths the airflow beneath the DB9 to optimise its aerodynamics, but also strengthens the chassis.

Initially, the upgrades - which add £2,495 to the cost of the £106,895 car - will only be available as a factory-fit option. However, existing owners will get the chance to have their DB9 upgraded at Aston Martin dealers later this year - although at a slightly higher price.
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