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I currently have a faithful CARK-91 installed for my 6310i, I have
upgraded my phone to a 7610 and would like to install a CK-7W into my
Ford Focus with a 6006 cd changer.

I have read in a number of posts that the power leads need to a bit of
work as the CARK 91 has a six pin power plug, and the CK-7W has a four
pin plug.

Will I be able to use the existing connection to the Car Stereo as I do

not have the tool to remove it (If I have to remove the car stereo
where would I get the tool or is there an easy way to pull it out.)

To charge the phone I intend to use the existing power cable and change

it to a connection matching the nokia power connection, then just use a

universal cradle to hold the phone in place.

A last thing I would like to be able to do is to run the audio through
the car stereo speakers, as the Focus has a lot of cabin noise,
especially in the footwell where my existing speaker is located.

Any experiences and hints would be greatly appreciated


Chris aka BoobBoo
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