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I have a 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE.
White Platinum Pearl
4" Screen
No Back-Up Camera

I consider myself pretty handy, I've ran electrical in my home, insulation, tile, installed cabinets, installed a whole-home water filtration system, landscaping masonry, shiplap walls, custom closet, etc. You get the idea.

I've never hired a contractor.

But I've also never done anything to a vehicle. I don't want to take it anywhere and pay 3x as much, when I know if someone just laid it out for me, I could do it myself.

My son is about to turn 16 and he's getting the keys to "White Lightening." I've had this car since February 2013 when the new models started arriving to the dealership. I've had zero problems with it, it's a gem. I've never changed anything, appearance wise, tech wise, etc.

Obviously, with a new teen driver, I'd prefer that it had some additional safer options. I think having the BLIS and back-up camera would be awesome and helpful for him. I understand I need new side mirrors. But which ones? How do I install this? Do the mirrors fold?

I'd like to add in the 8" screen, not so much because it's bigger/has touch, but because it has Apple Car Play and therefore he is less likely to have him fumbling on his phone.

And lastly, listening to loud music has, let's say, "affected" my speakers. Thanks Mastodon! I need new ones. I know which ones to get without any upgrades, I can just type in my info on Crutchfield and it points me in the right direction. But I want something more powerful and less likely to blow.

I've found this conversion kit which appears to be Ford genuine where it matters:

If I purchase this, how do I go about upgrading the amp/tuner for more powerful speakers?
Does this have any affect on the fact that my car has 6 speaker, and the OEM Sony Sound Systems had 9?
It also looks like this comes with the harness/input for a backup camera.

I know nothing of FORscan, but am aware of it's existence and purpose.

I'd prefer OEM parts as much as possible. And I realize having a Hybrid might complicate things, I don't want my car to die or explode. I don't want me to die or explode.

So please tell me what to do, I beg you!

Videos, step-by-step directions, exact items I need to purchase. Just lay it all out for this car dumby.

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