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Long story but I'll try to keep it short - My Ford Experience

3 Months ago I needed a car ASAP for a new job, so I saw an Ad for a 99 Ford Taurus SE 24V DHOC and went in to test drive it. It drove okay so I bought it, wouldn't have been my first choice but I needed a car to get me to work. Car had 79k miles on it, body looked good, engine sounds and looks good.

5 minutes after I drive off, check engine light comes on, car was purchased as is but I called the dealer and they said I must has filled up my tank with the car still running (mind you this happened right after I left the lot and the car already had a full tank). So, I was told to bring it back for a mechanic to look at it, this guy put the computer on it blocked me from seeing the LCD screen with his head like he didn't want me to see anything. Then he said "Yep, it's the gas cap", he reset it and I was on my way...Got on the high way and the check engine light came on again, so I decided to take it to my own mechanic during the weekend. Two days later, I drove to the mall to pick up a few Christmas gifts, got to the parking lot, parked the car...try to straighten my steering wheel but it wouldn't move. I thought maybe the front tire was locked by a rock or something. Got out to look and the driver side front tire was hanging off. Axle broken and lower ball joint broken. Took toll guy a good hour to get it on the truck, so here I am Christmas eve without and car and about to pay 500 bucks to get it fixed.

While I was at the mechanic, I asked him to do the state inspection...another 70 bucks, failed inspection because of o2 sensors. He said that was why the check engine light was on. Decided to drive it a couple of days before getting them was showing 4 bad sensors on his computer, he wanted $120 for each replacement plus labor.

I came home and researched 02 sensors and decided to stop at my pep boys and purchase 4 of them. I was only able to find 3 so I replaced them...took it to another mechanic but he couldn't find the fourth one either. Reset check engine light and but it came on again, he scanned the computer and found the gas cap to be bad. Went to ford dealership the next day and picked on up, replaced it, and reset the computer AGAIN. I was happy now...hoping that was the end off it.

3 days later, ABS light starts flashing...comes on, sometimes stays for a couple of minutes sometimes for seconds. One time it stayed for about 30 minutes and check engine light came back on as soon as ABS light went off. I was PISSED. I took it back to the second mechanic and he tried to scan the ABS module but the computer wouldn't read. He said I have a bad ABS module, didn't even ask how much it will cost...Had enough. Between each check engine light reset, axle, ball joint, o2 sensors and gas cap, I was up over $1000. Now, I didn't want to sell it because I wasn't going to get the money I've invested in it.

A couple of days later, I'm doing 60 mph and the car stalls, engine just shuts off...I managed to pull over, turn the key off and restart again, came right up. started driving again...4 days later I’m on a highway doing 70mph and it stalls again, pull over and it starts right away, couple of miles later, it stalls again but comes right up.

Computer scans show no problem codes, it's been stalling almost every time I driven it. However, it has gotten worst, now it stalls during low speed, not just high speed. When I try to go after a red light, It barely moves, It sometimes move very slow before picking up speed again or it dies right away. I have no clue what to do anymore, two weeks ago, spent 170 bucks to have my fuel ignitions replaced and fuel system completely cleaned but that just put more dent in my wallet. I was advised to check online forums because someone might have had the same problems I’m having. Me on the other hand, I’m thinking about setting the damn thing on fire in my backyard.

The car drive crappy, has no power, and feels like it's always going to stall.

Can anyone let me know if they know what might be going on? Any little help will be greatly appreciated. Mechanics don't know what to do anymore and I’m tired of spending more money.
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