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Ford's 2007 Super Duty getting a face-lift

By Ed Hellwig Email
Inside Line

It's not quite a Super Chief, but Ford did do a good job of giving its heavy-duty truck a completely different look than the standard F-150. (Photo courtesy of KGP Photography)

We've seen butchered test mules of the 2007 Ford Super Duty before; now take a look at the final product in our latest spy photos. It's not quite the Super Chief concept brought to life, but this new heavy-duty Ford truck does have a few changes up front which make it look like the concept truck shown in Detroit earlier this year.

Compared to the current model, the next-generation 2007 Super Duty gets taller, more rectangular headlights. They extend down to the one-piece chrome bumper and place the turn signals in the middle of the headlights instead of below them. The grille is more squared off, too, with bigger vents on each side and an even larger Ford logo. Look closely and you can also make out the words "Super Duty" pressed into the chrome.

Earlier pictures tipped us off to the new quarter panel vents just behind the front wheels. They look good but we would be surprised if they're actually functional. In back, the logo is bigger and has been moved to the center, the reverse lights are higher and the same "Super Duty" script used up front is pressed into the bottom of the tailgate.

Although the gasoline engine options aren't expected to change much, diesel fans will be glad to know there's an all-new Powerstroke in the works. Built by International, the new diesel V8 will displace 6.4 liters, feature a pair of sequential turbos and generate 350 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. Ford's current Powerstroke has been plagued with problems so the arrival of the new 6.4 can't come soon enough.

There are substantial changes to the interior of the Super Duty as well. A spy photo of a test mule shows an interior similar to the F-150 with a cleanly laid out center stack with circular vents on each side. There's yet another "Super Duty" stamp just above the glovebox, so Ford is obviously trying to push the Super Duty brand a little harder this time around. Since these trucks tend to be work trucks more often than not, the designers made sure to include plenty of practical features like power outlets and easily accessible storage space.

Sales of the 2007 Super Duty are expected to begin before the end of the year. We expected a possible debut at the upcoming New York auto show, but Ford has said nothing about such an intro to date. Even if the new trucks don't get an official unveil at a major auto show, we still expect official specs and photos to show up sometime this summer.

New light clusters, a revised tailgate design and big "Super Duty" badging are the most noticeable changes out back. (Photo courtesy of KGP Photography)

Test mules aren't the most attractive means of showcasing a new interior design, but you get the idea. Look past all the data-logging equipment and it's clear the next Super Duty will share many of the same design cues inside with the half-ton F-150. (Photo courtesy of KGP Photography)

New quarter panel vents look cool, but it's doubtful they're anything more than decoration. (Photo courtesy of KGP Photography)
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