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LAPD recruits ex-Ford workers

Officer cites good pay, benefits, lots of overtime as reason to transfer to Southern California.

Bryce G. Hoffman / The Detroit News

Wondering what to do if you lose your job to the latest round of automotive industry restructuring? Just call Gavin Stieglitz.

Officer Stieglitz, that is, of the Los Angeles Police Department.

While workers and community leaders from Atlanta to Wixom worry and wait for the latest word on restructuring from Ford Motor Co., Stieglitz is planning to make the most out of any layoffs by offering people a chance to work in Southern California.

He called The Detroit News this week to find out which Ford plants might be getting the ax and when, so that he could send some of his recruiting officers to pick up the slack. Stieglitz is also eager to hear from any Detroit Police officers who are feeling a little uncertain about their futures in our fair city, too.

"We're trying to hire police officers like crazy," Stieglitz said. "We're just not finding a lot of good, qualified candidates."

Apparently, few Angelinos are eager to put on a badge, even when it means full benefits and an annual base starting salary of $51,114.
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