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Thinking of a v8 into the ef 4.0 if parts can be had for right price and wondered which options best

1. Use the au v8 ecu which has the transmission computer built in and you may be able to strip the ecu wires out the engine bay harness and graft it into the ef 4.0 engine bay harness after taking out the original wires. Then you may not have to swap the dash harness and you keep the ef abs, and because th transmission ecu wires are there where in the au it's built in.

If you use the au ecu with the v8 engine will it bring it to 175kw as that is what the std au v8 originally had or still stay at 165-169kw like ef el, thinkin of au v8 ecu as the auto and engine ecu is one and you probably won't need to swap dash harness as the transmission wires are with the engine ecu, and being a fairmont it'd be hard to get a v8 ef fairmont dash harness and it's more work to swap the dash harness as well, where if you got the au v8 ecu wires grafted them in a spare ef 4.0 engine harness after taking the original ecu wires out, it wouldn't be as much work on the big day most would be into putting the harness together.

Also reason for thinking of au block maybe too is because engine belt parts are a lot cheaper to buy than for e series

2. Use a e series v8 ecu and engine bay harness but transmission harness and ecu I s not built in to engine ecu, one way around it might be get the fairmont v8 engine bay harness and a base model v8 dash harness to strip auto wires or a 4.0 fairmont engine harness and a base model v8 engine and dash harness and graft the ecu and auto wires in and have the tcu plugs with the engine ecu plug then the dash harness at not need swapping,

3. Another option is a au xr6 hp engine with cam, what cam would you use and how would you get it as close as possible to the windsor engine sound

4. could you use a au v8 block with the ef/el xr8 ecu, how many kw was the standard au v8 (not te/ts50 or 220kw)

where would you get the tcu and harness for v8 auto

Is a hydraulic shop able to make custom aircon lines and ifso what would you have to do and ask and bring, same goes for steering hoses

reason for thinking of au ecu in e series with v8 is because the au ecus and harness seem easier to get and cheaper

is there a reason you couldn't get any model ef v8 engine bay harness and also a 4.0 ef fairmont engine bay harness and graft the engine ecu and auto tcu wires into the 4.0 and retape it so you don't have to change dash harness because you could run the tcu wires same way as ecu and mount the tcu in behind the dash near glove box or run the tcu plug through the ecu plug spot far enough to run to original tcu spot alongside dash harness

Reason for wondering about the au v8 ecu making more power possibly the engine too is because the ef can only have upto 169kw/170kw without engineer and think the au engine have 175std or something and also the engine because au v8 engine parts are a lot cheaper to buy

is putting the std au 302 in a ef/el ok without engineer in sa as they also came out in a 302 std or as a option. Have heard there's about 5-10kw difference is there a way you can get the au v8 engine and ecu to 169kw if it's more

will the v8 au ac and power steering pump and alternator and water pump fit on e series v8 engine

if you put the e series v8 in using au v8 ecu so you can have tcu built in and coil pack will it just be what the e series originally had

what is the borgwarner tcu like those ones used in the ea-eb1 and e series v8 they ok and are they all same in tcu and wires and what model would be easiest to get the tcu wires and the tcu itself

Will the au coolant tank hose reach radiator

is the spot in picture ok for lpg converter or should it be next to fuse box

if you have the converter next to coolant tank in picture how would you get engine out

Which would be better au fuse box or a few ef fan relay blocks with covers to have enough relays

how would you get the metal battery tray out

Hope you's are able to read above to be able to help

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