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ok its not a ford V8 and it aint big enough to post in the big block section, but what i want to know is, im looking at this merc, and the owner says:
"I believe the problem is a glide rod, there is a rattle noise under throttle, the motor needs to come out for this to be corrected." :edit: "Im not a mechanic, however i believe the glide rod is associated with one of the pistons" :edit:

me, not know all that much about V8's, is assuming that ALL V8s have this 'glide rod' and is hoping that someone can explain what it is, what it does, why its buggered, where the hell is it and how much are they to fix and are they a pain in the as#e to fix yourself?

i know that cause its got Mercedes written on it its gonna cost triple the normal cost but is it worth getting this car or should i run the other way?

heres some things to take into consideration: 4.5L V8, 119k original, fuel injected.
thanks in advance if anyone can help!
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