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Lastest CPR Rumor

Lastest news on the CPR Ingall split!

Ingall's gone and taken the castrol dollars. This news has thrown Perkins motorsport into disarray with Jack Perkins taking control of all opperations early this morning through a court injunction. Jack's law suit alleges the senior Perkins is suffering from insanity and is not fit to be involved with the race team in any capacity, sighting Larry's pit lane entry as proof. With no drivers and no major sponsor Jack had to take the day off school to get things straightened out. Late this afternoon JP released the new driver pairings as well as a new 5 year $50 million dollar deal with Fosters Brewing. The new driver pairing sees Jack take over the number 11 car(with a win at the city of Melbourne Kart Titles his record speaks for itself) and Mark Winterbottom in the number 8 car(Go Kart Legend at 20 years of age). With the youngest driver pairing in V8 racing this fits into Fosters push into the underage drinking market which has been dominated by Bundy rum, various bourbon drinks and other such 'trendy' spirits. With sweeping changes the team will take the rest of the year off so that they can get better familliarized with their new sponsor. In conclusion JP anounced a new team name Perkins International Supercar Team, PIST for short. Look out for this team next year.

Late news, TEGA has just anounced compulsory breath testing at every pit stop for next year.

If you drink and drive your a bloody idiot.
Alcohol is a serious drug and should only be used by adults or under adult supervision.
No material in this post is intented to offend anybody.
The source for this latest rumour has yet to be verified.

Pinched from Conrod.
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