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So guys, what is the Power numbers on the last year SHO and the V8 in it??? HP, Torque...

The V8 SHO is rated at 235hp....but at the wheel due to ATX loss we're getting about 190. Mine dynoed last April at 187 which was a little low. I still managed a 15.26 @over 91mph which is very good for these cars.

I'll have to check later on the torque numbers. One member of the V8 email list had a dyno that topped at 200hp...which is very good. But my thoughts are what is the track time for a car like this. As I said....I dynoed at 187 and have one of the faster Gen 3 SHO' I plan on getting her re-dynoed in the next month or two...should be interesting to say the least. I'm hoping to be around 200 which would put me in the running for a 14.9X time which is tough....but with the right weather at the possible.

The V6 MTX's are faster....with the right driver. My first SHO was a '93 MTX. Very nice cars...but I love this V8. I'm willing to give up the .2-.3 seconds in the 1/4 for the luxury of hearing the rumbly V8 every day. The V8's are also steadier at higher speeds....just my opinion and experience though.

Sorry to rant.....I'll check on the torque numbers and get back here.
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