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Re: Re: Very Amusing

jaytyn said:
HAHA... We could only wish... :gok: :mad3: :eek:
Not good - who would we have to hate if Holden was owned by Ford :wink2: :p :D

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Hehe I think the guy meant that Ford took over [as sales leader] from Holden in 1982.

I reckon it'd be about the right time for a 2002 sales revival - exactly 20 years from 1982

Go Geoff!! :wink2: :wink2: :thumbup: :thumbup:


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ahh. who among us is 100 percent right 100 percent of the time, especially with something as trivial as who owns Holden...
Besides, take a look a bit further up the paragraph. Can't remember the FX being a coupe. And for poms, they don't write very good England, do they?
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