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· 93 2.3 MTX BOLTED OUT!
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when braking now all the time started when braking from high speeds but when braking about 20-60% depressed the front end gets violent vibrations almost scary.
i know the shocks and struts are done 4 axles and cv joints are exclent bearing have seen better days aligments ok new rotors maybe 2-3k ago pads got same fluid is good lines apear ok calipers r working and releasing.
whats the worst thing that can happen if the bearing go out within a month?
and if the shocks and struts arent replaced within 2 months ?

im geting evil vibrations almmost a grinding feeling in the stick.
hapens alot when in motion just vibrates when stoped.
motor mounts r all new, trannys was dumped and flushed 4 times within the last 2 years and is filled with 90/140 lucas with 1 bottle stop slips lucas in there 2. what could be causing this?
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