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Hey guys and gals just tellin ya that theres a possible virus threat here, I dunno if anbody else has it but I know I do, and I email some of you guys all the time. Uh anyway it only takes one person to get it started, if you receive any emails that have any of these subject lines in them:

Returned mail: User Unknown
Returned mail: Service Unavailable
Undeliverable: Miiiiiittttttttcchhhhhhhhhhelllll

Or anything else that looks unusual, delete it dont even look at it.

Just thought I would give you guys a heads up because I dont know how capable this thing is of spreading. Mcafee says it uses address books to forward itself and also the email addresses left in your Cache so watch out for yourselves! This site is great I dont want anything to happen to it or the people who use it.

Be careful!
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