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OK Guys everything you wanted to know about Blowers BUT!!
were afraid to ask!

How does a supercharger work?
A supercharger achieves performance increases (both torque and HP) by increasing the density of air entering the combustion chamber.

What are the advantages of using superchargers over other performance modifications?
Centrifugal superchargers offer more HP per dollar than any other single engine modification. HP & torque gains are most times well over 40%. Increases in excess of 100% are not uncommon.

What kind of performance increase can I expect from a Vortech supercharger?
A supercharged system will generally deliver a 30 to 50% horsepower improvement. The increase is usually limited to what the engine can take. We design our systems to work within a reasonable margin of safety. On performance modified engines, improvements can easily exceed 100%. In 1993, Duttweiler Performance developed a Ford 200-mph project vehicle. The 5.0 Iiter engine put out 343 HP naturally aspirated and a whopping 749 HP supercharged. That's an increase of 118% (2.4 HP/Cu. In.) with virtually no development. In 1996, Crawford Performance made 1,100 HP with a stroked 347 Cl Ford racing engine (2.88 HP/Cu. In.)

What is the DIFFERENCE between a Vortech and the competition?
Before purchasing a supercharger kit from any manufacturer, investigate items such as the completeness of the kit - does the kit include items such as auxiliary fuel pumps? Ignition retard modules? Bypass valves? Are the instructions well written and easy to understand? What is the basic warranty? Is the warranty extendible? Go to the track and see which manufacturer's units are winning the trophies. Talk to the people who own superchargers and ask them what they think! And finally, read the magazines. Vortech superchargers are the highest quality, best-engineered units around. They are the most efficient which means they perform the best.

What is included in the Vortech supercharger kit?
In the 50 state legal kits, all necessary components including brackets, hardware, drive, lubrication, fuel & ignition components are included in the box at the time of purchase. No other modifications are necessary. No hood or body modifications are required.

Are Vortech superchargers hard to install?
Most Vortech supercharger systems install in 7 to 10 hours. There is never any cutting of body panels or hood modifications. All components are carefully designed, manufactured and inspected to ensure an easy, no-modifications fit and finish.

What warranties are available?
The standard basic limited warranty is now Three (3) years (unlimited mileage) on all 50 state legal Vortech supercharger systems (for units manufactured on or after 12/1/96). Forcepower Parts carry a 90 day limited warranty.

Will it void my factory warranty?
The installation of Vortech products, except those defined as "for racing use only" do not void the new vehicle warranty nor should they cause the vehicle to fail emissions tests. We recommend that you discuss this subject with the service department at the dealership where the vehicle's warranty work is performed.

If the vehicle manufacturer fails to honor emission/warranty claims, contact the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at 202-233-9040. If federal warranty protection is denied, call the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at 202-326-3128.

What will it do to my miles per gallon (MPG)?
When the supercharger is installed as purchased, mileage often times is improved due to the increased engine efficiency. If you tend to drive with a "heavy foot," your mileage may suffer.

Will it hurt my engine?
A Vortech supercharger system will not affect engine durability. Supercharged engines, not unlike turbos, operate in vacuum almost all of the time. When in boost, at full throttle, the forces on the engine are still lower than the rotational forces. The worst thing you can do to your engine is over rev it (exceed red line).

Is it smog legal?
Unless otherwise noted, all complete Vortech supercharger systems are 50 state legal and stamped on the serial number identification tag is the applicable California Air Resource Exemption Number.

Will it work with carbureted engines?
Vortech does not currently offer a supercharger system for carbureted applications. However, these systems have successfully been assembled by various builders/tuners utilizing Vortech components.

Will it work with a computer chip?
Most computer chip manufacturers produce products, which increase fuel delivery and ignition timing. Because of a great number of variables and the fact that adding additional ignition timing to an engine under boost can cause damaging detonation, Vortech cannot recommend these products.
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50 States Ha? only in the U.S of A.Ford here would fit about warrenty etc.With a blower. but I lov em.Esp our Tazzy devil ha ha???
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