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I need a change, so I am selling my 1979 Caprice Classic sedan to get (hopefully) a 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis.

350, with non-factory TBI
rusty, but solid car "winter warrior"
Caprice Classic locking wire wheels
Pioneer AM-FM radio with CD player
Extra parts, including pair of taillights

I've owned this super-reliable DAILY DRIVER (translation: it runs & drives) since 11/2009. I had to reduce costs (no full-time job since 02/2012), so I sold my 1989 Caprice Classic Brougham "summer cruiser" 09/01/2015. Now, I want a different year-round just-as-reliable daily driver for a new beginning!

Cort ;) Old Cars, Strong Hearts
pigValve.paceMaker.cowValve | 79 CC to 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis?!
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