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Hey guys. I know I dont have an FPV but I thought I would share my experiences on this issue, over the last couple of days...

My clutch shat itself over the last few months. I had an APS Unichip put in a while back as well. The guys who did it suggested they remove it before I take it to Ford for warranty work on the clutch and some other stuff, this week. So they took it out....

Took it to Ford, they fixed everything and they rang me to let me know how it was going. Conversation went like this:

Him: Yeah, it was just an oil leak from the gearbox into the clutch, we machined the flywheel, etc....
Me: Cool, so it was nothing really serious, like stress on the clutch or anything?
Him: No. Hey, how much power do you have?
Me: Uuummmmm..... 182kW *all innocent*
Him: No, what was the power at the rears?
Me: I dunno, how would I know that?
Him: Well, you had a dyno done, didn't ya?
Me: What makes you think I know what a dyno is?
Him: Well, coz you had a chip in it and you would have had to have had a dyno....
Me: Oh.....
Him: So what was the power at the rears?
Me: Ummmmm.... 138kW (the stock power)
Him: Nooooo, I mean after the chip....
Me: Oh..... aaahhhhh.....ummmmmm.... 150kW....
Him: Cool, that's not bad, huh?
Me: yeah.....
Him: Hey, dont worry, we dont care about the chip, as far as we are concerned there is not one in there, is there?
Me: Ha ha - yeah, ok, no, there is not, is there?
Him: Yeah, cool, we dont have a problem with it because we actually send people to your guys to get chips put in and I even own one with a Herrods blower!
Me: Oh, ok, so you can easily tell when there has been one removed?
Him: yeah, coz we do them too
Me: Cool.

Basically that was it. They never had any dramas with it but they did say that as long as it is not over the top, they ignore the mods.....

So after all that, taking the chip out, having to get it put back in, etc....Hmmm.

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If they are a reputable after market specialist their mods should have their own warranty. I know Perth Exhaust Centre (for example) have insurance that if any of their exhausts cause any damage to the motor/drive train they will repair all damage. They had to have this because of the problems Subarus were having with blowing turbos up due to exhaust modding.
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