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I bought a 2007 ST w/ 12k miles w/ the balance of the 3/36 and I think it also has a 5/100k pt plan. Do I have to transfer the 5/100k warranty and if so where do I get the forms? I'm pretty sure the b2b warranty just stays w/ the vehicle but I think I might have to transfer the PT plan.

Also, I inquired at a dealership if I could buy any kind of extra warranty and he said I could extend the bumper2bumper coverage to the 5/100k for $595. Is this worth it? What might typically go wrong on a Focus beyond the PT that would cost $600 to repair? This is my first ford since a '97 4wd truck that I sold about 6 years ago so I'm not up on ford quality too much right now.

Is there a better forum for this question, a warranty forum or something?

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