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Water In Floor Board

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I have a strange problem. 1993 Marq. Wife is 99% sure that no window was left open and nothing was spilled. So I am left to wonder how the heck the back floor board, pass side was FLOODED. Even the floor mat was soaked. Under the seat and front floor board are fine, but just the back board is soaked. Seats are dry, no water anywhere else. Anyone got ANY idea how this could be happening. We did have a decent amount of rain this last couple weeks. This one has me stumped.
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tim did you ever find out how the floor was getting wet? i get a lot of crown vics and grang marqs coming into my work and havent heard of any problems like this. i'm sure at some point in time i'll get one. it would be nice if i have an idea of what to look for. thanks
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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