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Hey all,
I recently fitted a 350 holley to my cast-iron xflow

When I was pulling off the old inlet manifold I noticed that the water port had been blocked off on the actual manifold.

The new redline manifold that I put on there has the same port but it is now unblocked obviously. When I first started the car I completely forgot about topping up all the water that had been pissing out of the inlet port.

When I have been starting the car recently it has been starting real hard.
Also, copious amounts of water have been spitting from my exhaust.
I also noticed that it looks like some water has been spraying into the air cleaner from the pcv hose, because it is on the inside top and all around the gasket. When I check the dipstick this too has a light grey colour.

I'm not really any kind of mechanic, so I am kind of at a loss as to what has happened. Also the funny thing is all the water I have found seems to be clean whereas the water in my radiator hasn't had a proper flush, etc for yonks so is filthy.

Is it safe to drive??

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

Regards, Benno
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