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I used to drive a `69 E-200 van as a daily driver up until almost a year ago when I bought a newer van.It had the 240 I-6,C-4,and factory installed 9" Posi with 3:55 gears.I had 33x11.5 tires on it at the time.It was kinda slow from a dead stop but really started moving after that.One night I let a friend drive,and he decided to play with a mid-`80`s Firebird at a light.Somehow we blew his doors off and go up to about 85-90mph in about 1/3rd mile.When he started slowing down we flew passed a cop in the opposite lanes,who promptly came after us and pulled us over.When asked how fast we were going my friend promptly said 40-45mph.He showed us the radar gun,which was flashing "68",we were somewhat relieved,because that was 68 in a 35,only 33 over the limit,if he clocked us at 40 over its an automatic $500 fine.Friend gotta ticket after we were all brought to the station.Did I mention he was on his learners permit at the time??


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