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Weird starting problem XF Falcon UTE 1995

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I've got a weird starting issue, if I disconnect the battery for say a couple of hours and reconnect it, it starts, and will restart for the rest of the day, however if I leave it overnight, it will only start again if I disconnect/reconnect the battery again. I thought it was a smartlock issue, so I purchased a bypass module from dan90two on eBay, but the same problem exists. When it won't start, it does still crank well, just doesn't bloody start! Any ideas brains trust? This annoying problem is making my hair fall out! I will appreciate any help very muchly!


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Does the Smartlock Light on the Dash Flash when it won't start? If so what sequence of flashes (error code)? Next time try pulling the courtesy lamp fuse for a few seconds rather than disconnecting the battery. Also check the courtesy lamp globe and the bayonet fitting for the globe and teh door switches that operate the courtesy light (including their grounding in the door frame.) In any event I suspect it will be and an issue with a relay in the Body Control Module Sticking see Ford Technical Documents -
Thanks blue,

The smartlock doesn't appear to flash after I try to start it. I removed the 10A courtesy light blade fuse like you said, it doesn't do the trick like disconnecting/reconnecting the battery. I feel you might be right, something like a relay is definitely not providing juice to something like the injectors, that said I haven't measured if I'm getting spark with its turning over. Thanks again for throwing some ideas around. Cheers mate.


Next time it gives trouble gently but firmly bash the dash with the side of your fist near the BCM (above the handbrake handle). If there is stuck relay or dry joint on a relay base pin this will often get it started. If so, imay take few firm gentle tries.
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