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Oh man, was a hell of a night. Started out looking to be dull as hell, every single one of my friends here weren't trying to go out and do something, or they had work tomorrow, etc so I was alone. So I just went out and about for a cruise and sport the new polished look of my car. First thing I noticed is that there are Tempo's and Topaz everywhere around here! Mostly from 1988-1994, they are everywhere here! A welcome change from the drought of these cars out in the desert.

The night got interesting when I was at a 711 parking lot about to get in my car. I see a red 1992 2dr GLS (looking nice!) pull up to a red light. Then I see a 1994 Z24 3.1 V6 Cavvy. Both looking quite nice. I noticed that the GLS had a distinct sound than factory Vulcans. The light turned green and they both launched. I literally said "woah" out loud seeing them go at it. The Cavvy had that nice burbly 3.1 V6 sound they have, just screamin, and the GLS had a badass tone of its own. The GLS smoked 1st gear easily, then started making some more smoke shifting into 2nd, losing ground to the Cavvy. The GLS driver let off the throttle, it hooked up and the GLS started to really move. DAM it sounded raw and he caught to the Z24 and then just burned right past it. They were both moving REAL quick, very surprising for V6 power, the GLS left my jaw hanging. Well, I got some more a few minutes later.....

I also met up with my dream woman, my future wife. It is a bit hot tonight, so my windows were down. I noticed in my rearview yet another set of 1992-1994 Topaz headlights. What caught my eye were two round lights slightly below. I didn't think it was what I was thinking, but it was coming up quick. The car pulled up right to my right and held steady right next to me while cruising 35MPH. My eyes got REALLY big when I saw it. BEAUTIFUL black 1992 XR5. MINT condition. Even had the striping over the titanium bottom. I looked into the cab and there was this gorgeous ass girl in her early 20's. AAAHHhhhh.......I messed up my pants with all this. She gave me a long look, followed by this sexy ass smile, my chest was pounding and I thought I was going to overheat myself heheh. Her expression was clearly telling me "if you want me, come get me", cuz right after her look at me, she then looked forward, I saw her going for the shifter. She downshifted and then I hear the V6. OOOhhh man.....I was in heaven, I couldn't let her go. I downshifted too and was going to try to hang with her. That V6 just screamed away and she started to pull away. I had my Tempo's pedal to the floor, the clutch was even holding fine, but she was still pulling away.........I was saying "NOOOOOOooooooo"......dam man......there they dream woman driving my dream car.......I couldn't even recognize her plates, I have never seen anything like them......she eventually dissapeared into the distance and believe me, I was trying to keep up, but couldn't.....I hope I see her again somewhere real soon...dammm....if only I had that HO V6 in it already she (and the XR5) would be mine!......


Sometimes that sucks. When you come home on leave and all your friends have to work. You can only make em take so many days off work. Don't worry about the girl, they usually come in 3's for some reason I don't just meet one new girl but 3 in like two days. It gets me in trouble.
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