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Where did you guys go. It is dead here. What can we do here to get you guys to hang out here instead of other SHO places? It can be your site folks, tell me what you think can work, and if it's with in reason maybe we can get it set up. it;s the memberships site also. You drive what your area can look like be4 it's over and done....

I've been pretty busy...but checking back every day or two. Not much going on.

I'm getting things rolling on another board...but can't seem to get peoples over here. I'll keep trying.

It takes time for a site like this to catch on....hopefully it will get better in the future.

I'll do my best....

Anybody going to "SPRING CARLISLE" ???

Just checking to see if there are any SHO guys planning on attending
Carlisle on April 19-22nd??? Any body out there in my neck of the woods of
Williamsport Maryland????


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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