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What was it worth?

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I had from a 67-68 stang that bottom metal facing under front bumper that holds the blinkers. I had it for YEARS, in good orig shape, no dents, no rust with lights and wiring intact. What was that worth in todays market?????
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Marqman, it isnt worth that much after all. Almost every part is still available for these year cars through a few vendors. I just purchased a rear "GT" valence (new) for $32. The front is approx $60 I beleive. Its the original engine hoods and trunk lids that "can" bring a few bucks!. Enjoy!!
OHH, I don't feel abd that I PITCHED it then! Thanks...
If you find any more parts you want to pitch, you can pitch them this way!
Ha ha ha, sorry only part I had!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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