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What would be ?

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What would be your biggest drawback about the Probe?

Mine would have to be :

lack of aftermarket support.
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That is the biggest drawback for me as well. Also the parts, Ford will charge you a arm and a leg for them. Good thing Mazda is still making the 626, I go there for cheaper parts.Example wheel hub at Ford $280.00 at Mazda $67.00.
Stacy94PGT said:
.Example wheel hub at Ford $280.00 at Mazda $67.00.

That's insane ! Unbelivable, the mark up on parts. Glad I get a discout at Ford :D
Has to be thet it isn't in production anymore. And like what was mentioned before...prices on repair parts. It is a good thing the aftermarket is slowly catching up.

I want new floormats!!
It's insane, but it's true. Every time something mechanical breaks. I don't call Ford I call Mazda. Check this out 1 chrome swirl wheel from Ford for a 96-97PGT $748.00 a peice. Now thats just plain crazy.
i wish it had a 6th gear lol always seems like i want to go into that extra gear, but its not there :p
The disrespect it gets from the 16 yr old punks witht he hondas
johnny said:

I want new floormats!!
Have you checked out a junk yard. I got a pair out of a 95PGT and all it cost me was $5.00 for both.
Good idea, but I want some new ones. I have totally thrashed mine.
Jay said:
i wish it had a 6th gear lol always seems like i want to go into that extra gear, but its not there :p

You know something. I alway's though the same thing ! :D that's funny
johnny said:
Good idea, but I want some new ones. I have totally thrashed mine.
I had these for almost a year. Brought them home and washed them, they looked brand new. But, now there starting to wear a little bit. I've seen some places that make custom mats.
Mine's been nothing but problems. I wish they were more reliable.
I've only had three problems with mine. AC pulley burnt up on me , had to replace passenger side ball joint. Replaced the drivers side head light motor.Now it has 119,000mi on it. Time to start looking for a KL-ZE or buy a rebuilt 2.5L.
Id say probably #1 lack of aftermarket support... I had to buy an extra set of taillights and have someone turn them into euroclears cuz theres not one company that makes these for our cars.
#2 Lack of respect in magazins like Street Sport and Sport Compact Car and on the street as well. Seems like everything is about those ugly Hondas...
#3 its a little too small for me sometimes (being 6-3...), and putting someone on the back seat? Not a chance...
but no matter what happens I LOVE MY PROBE(S) :)
Oh and the cops up here are attracted to the probe. Not to mention the insurance Co. classifies my SE 6 out of 10 for a sports car. I pay a little over $2,000 a year for full coverage!!
2,000 ! Damn I don't even pay that for 3 cars .

Ahh the joy of being old an married (ok maybe not old )
My biggest problem is I have a hard time finding info on my car. I am kind of a new Probe owner, and would like to learn more about the mechanical specs for the car and all that good stuff, but it seems like the Probe never existed. I think Ford should put up something on their site that at least commemorates the car!
Search around there are quite a few sites around.

try :

Theu have alot of 1st gen stuff. But they have 2nd gen stuff as well
I need to check out that site as well. I can never get to much info about my car. I took my car to a Ford dealer to have some work done. They looked at the car as if they never saw a Probe before.
Has anyone noticed that when something breaks, aftermarket parts usually come out cheaper than factory parts. I get a better product at a lower price.
For Example:
My Borla exhaust. I have had mine for almost 3 years now. Summit had a big overstock at the time,...$265 shipped if I can remember right. All because I backed into a curb and totally wrecked the whole exhaust. Midas wanted 450!
My shocks and springs. It was time to replace them. Sears and Ford wanted like 650 for them. I got Eibachs and KYB's...the whole thing was about 400 installed.
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