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Sorry for the rather recluse thread name, but I couldnt think of a short way of putting this.

I'm looking for P6 LTD Wheel Trims (hubcaps) and the 14" Factory SMALL CENTRE steels. Small centre meaning I need wheels sourced from a Fairlane or LTD, as I beleive the Falcons and Fairmonts had Large centre wheels. Its caused me no small amount of pain trying to find these, and so far to no avail. Whether these come with tyres or not, doesnt bother me.

I'm also on the look out for an alternative, that being a nice set of 12 slotters. If anyone has a set of 14" or 15" 12 Slot wheels in the brisbane area, please contact me. Likewise with the aformentioned factory caps and wheels.

Please, I need to get rid of these horrid gold hotwires! If anyone wants a set of gold hotwires, feel free to contact me also :p
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