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are all the Mark members. I know we have a hand full on the site now. SPEAK UP folks....

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82 mark vi

i own an 82 Mark VI 4 door- it's actually a pretty sweet car. Pastel Vanilla with a brown carriage roof, and brown fabric on the spare tire hump. i guess it's a rare color and option combo- it was specially ordered from the factory. I wish i could post a pic, but i have none, so heres a pic of an 82 Pucci Edition, sorta like mine.

if you picture that car with a brown cloth roof and tire bulge, all cream color instead of two tone cream and gold , and no opera window, you have my car.

This is what my car looks like from the front:

Mine has a fancier leather interior though. I'll try to get some of my own pics up sometime.

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