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Where's the Cougar message board?

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Okay, okay, they ARE the same car. I have a 1988 Cougar XR7 with a 5.0HO, 4-whl discs, built AOD and a few other little things.

Well, it's all good as long as us Mercury fans can be here too! ;)

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They are the same arent they. And yea they are welcome. If there is enough interest then we can add the area. ;)
I got alot of interier parts for my car from a 87 cougar
ok so wait i have a 87 turbo coupe thunderbird and im needing some newer interior part like door panals and speaker covers. i know i can pull tem off any 87 or 88 thunderbird but can i do it with an 87 88 cougar as well?
This is the part that sucks, The only ones that are interchangable for interiers are 87 cougars and 93 thunderbirds any other year, and the wiring in the door panel is diff. The thunderbird parts that are interchangable........94 through 96, 93 and lower, the panels are about 1" diff and shaped diff to. (accept the speaker covers for the back)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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