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Why 83-91? Just curious. I don't know the bodys all that well, but I thought I remembered seeing this body style back as far as '79? When they first made it, they had 1 headlight on each side. Is it because they didn't call them CV back then? How about someone with a model breakdown. I seem to remember seeing these on late episodes of Hawaii 5-0, and Charlies angels.

P.S. I liked the look of the 2 big lights rather than 4.

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I researched some of the car area's, the ones I was not real familiar with and tried to set it up the most correct way I could. Also in the interest of making this site TOOO BIG, so things have been left off, like the FAIRMONT for instance. But hey, if you folks see somethign wrong or think something should be added by all means give me the info and it could be put up.
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