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Of course stuff like this would happen cause I'm going to PA. My tranny is leaking between the tail shaft and back of the tranny. My dad and I put in a new seal bewteen the driveshaft and tail shaft and put some new RTV between the tranny and tailshaft and the stupid thing still leaks. It looks to be leaking between the tranny and tailshaft. I was talking to someone online and they said that's a common problem for the freeze plugs in the tranny to leak and it might leak down the tranny to where I see the leak. I don't think it's a rear main seal cause even though I have a 5 spd (the Mazde 5 spd to be exact), it calls for ATF so it leaks red. Anyone else have this problem and knwo what to do? I guess while it's down I'm gonna do a new clucth, any sugegstions there? My dad was gonna have me pick up a Napa clucth unless that's a bad idea.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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