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Why doesn't my Probe go over 4400 rpms?

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In any gear, and it's not a rev. limiter, 'cause I know what those feel like, it just dies at 4400 rpms, like totally falls on its face 'til the revs die down, then I can go again... what's wrong?
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Sounds like an Ignition problem. Maybey the coil is going bad ?
Why would the coil cut out at 4400 rpms? I can't think of anything that would be causing my car to do this, it's really annoying.
i had this problem.. but it was because i changed out the speedo with one from a GT. for some reason it made my car cut at 4200 rpm..
Ah ha! I too have changed the speedo, actually the whole gauge cluster, out for one from a GT... very interesting. Did you figure out why it does this? I'd hate to have to put back that old 95 mph one...
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Tony your genious:D:p:p:p
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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