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Wicked kill....

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I saw him as I was rolling through school today, he was drivning this import and I gave him a mean look, we came up to a stopligh and I reved up, he gave me the look, as the light turned green I smoked the tires and took off. He kept right on my tail. Just then his mom ran outside and told him to slow down. I sure showed that kid and his skateboard.

Now I just need some more yellow acessories and I can move up to bicycles.
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ill bring out my bike one day and race you, its got 20" spoke rims on it. its pretty pimp but to bad the 20's dont bling bling down the road - lol

if you are gonna race bikes, you should ask ben for some pointers, he has raced a few as well
See that is the problem you **** you always leave roller bladers and scooter pilots out of the loop. My dam Yellow Performance Scooter and rollerblades would lay a smack down on you candy ass!:nuts:
i have a set of aggressive inlines that i just leave sitting in a box, i skated for a little while but then stopped and started to ride my bike again.
i would rather ride a bike w/ 20's than rollerblade on a set of 2's.
altho having 8 wheels is a pretty wicked mod and that must mean more performance and better handeling, right?:gok:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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