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I currently have a 95 GL with 143,000 km (88,000 miles). GE extended warranty is finished Sept. 14/01.
Currently am experiencing problems with tranny shift between first and second causing engine to overrev beyond 4,ooo rpm.

Problem is is only does it occassionally and usually when engine cold and warranty says does not do it enough or when adjuster is driving it to justify repair or replace.

What I would like to know is....
has any one else out there experienced similar problems,
how long before it gets worse or fails,
does the tranny simply get worse or just quit working,
can I speed up the process to beat Sept 11 deadline,
and if someone did have a same problem repaired what was done...rebuild or full replacement and how long did it last,
does any one know what part is failing and if tranny stripped down is wear visible.
(Please email directly to [email protected] as being computer illeterate not sure can get messages from this forum and nephew computer wizard gone for 3 weeks holiday.

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