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I have had this car for 5 years, I have been to 6 shops. Unable to diagnose.

Inner tire wear- my front end EATS up tires within 9/10 months down to the wire.
My tire is solid, there is no play on either side.
Alignment has been checked multiple times.
Car also sounds like a cement mixer, but again no front end play.
I have gone through sets of tires since purchase.

This is what has been done so far recently:

Front bushings, both sides. 05/2018
Front left lower controller arm 05/2018
Front left sway bar link 06/2018
Re did front left sway bar link 07/2018
All breaks, rotors 01/2019
Alignment 03/2019
New tires 01/2019

I am at my wits end- hopefully someone has had something similar happen to their car and can help all of us out.

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You need a full geometry check , camber , castor and alignment with the proper equipment and people who can do the job right . Only time I've had any cars that bad was due to wrongly adjusted to correct specs or cars that had accident damage to steering / suspension .
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