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Was on a real nice trail today and behold i couldn't shift into 4 low? It would shift real good from 2H to 4H and back again but no 4L or even neutral on the transfer case. It was dark when we got back so i couldn't check things out yet. Does this sound like a linkage problem. Any ideas before i get under it tomorrow? Regards.

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yo R,
from my 96's owner's "guide".........
To shift between 4H and 4L:
With auto hubs;
Stop the vehicle and place the automatic
transmission into NEUTRAL or depress the
clutch on manual transmission vehicles. Push the
transfer case shift knob down (toward the
ground) and at the same time pull or push the
lever straight forward or rearward (depending
on the desired position, 4H or 4L) in order to
shift the transfer case. This shift should be in
one continuous motion without pausing in the N
(neutral) position. Pausing in the neutral position
can result in gear clash and difficult shifting. If,
while shifting between 4H and 4L, the transfer
case gets stuck in the N (neutral) position or is
difficult to shift into either 4H or 4L, it may be
necessary to let the vehicle roll slightly and/or
turn off the engine (particularly on vehicles
equipped with automatic transmissions)."
Key is..engine off w/auto..and roll...
Good luck!

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Hey thanks, the turning the engine off thing was the ticket but since i did that it shifts fine with the engine running. Go figure. Regards. RSH
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