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I'm new to this forum well sort of. I've been looking around here and there, but this is my first post. I have an issue with my car and am am hoping some of you might have an idea where I could look next.

- Rear ended a truck a week ago
- I've taken real good care of the car which is why I'm hoping to fix it.
- I only had liability so it's on me to get it repaired.
- I'm hoping to fix it myself since the reputable repair shops around here only use factory parts and those cost a fortune from what I've experienced.
- With the exception of the LH headlight, fender, airbox, bumper & cover, and radiator with support things are in tact and look fine.

What I've tried:
- Checked the inertia switch, but no luck.
- Car seems to be getting fuel as it goes to start, but then stumbles and shuts off.
- Someone suggested a PATS issue and try another key. Other keys produce same result.
- I bought a OBDII reader this morning and there are no CEL's even though the CEL light flashes after the engine stumbles and shuts off about 5 times.
- Video showing the engine attempting to start is here Outside car - YouTube
- Video inside the car while trying to start is here Inside car - YouTube
- The diagnostic report from my Innovian OBDII reader is shown in the images below.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I wonder if it could be in the ignition switch (the electrical part)? Seems to me when you come out of the start position back into run it kills the ignition. I'm not mechanic on these newer cars so don't take my suggestion as the gospel. I'll let someone else comment further.

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There's quite a few things that can get rattled after a fender bender. I don't think there's any fuses that wouldn't hold it out in start, only in run... but check all fuses for the engine anyway. Check fuel pressure and the vacuum as well. Watch alternator voltage as well.

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I would check for constant fuel pressure with a gauge. I think most fords need at least 35psi to run. Pump may build up enough pressure, but not maintain it.
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