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I have now had 2 fans from national parts depot come apart on me. The ones that I have been using are the 5 blade non-flex fans. They are reproductions and have the blades rivited on to a stamped star center piece (POS actually). What has now happened twice is the metal of the star part breaks. The metal both times looked like it failed. First time it took out the shroud and bounced off the passenger side strut/frame rail, up under the battery tray and out the bottom. This time straight up between the turnsignals on my hood. BIG OLD DENT, shroud gone and water pump bearing screwed up. Now in NPD's defense they replaced the first on no questions asked, this time I had it on the car for a year and they gave me credit for the fan. I found out that the supplier that mustangs unlimited is using is a different one. Also, you will never believe this, but I got state farm to cover the damage. Even got them to replace the hood!!! :s5 Could have been better, but could have been worse. Both times it missed all the hoses, fuel lines, radiator, BATTERY!!, and wire harness. Imagine what it would have been like if it exploded the battery!!:dead:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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