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WTB Momo Steering Wheel for Au XR8

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anyone ???? Please Please!!
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I take it you know the cost of these things new?
I have lost count of the people that ask me where to get one second hand. Could you put some pressure on the dealer to get you a better deal. Just don't think anyone is going to part with it if they do have one that s all:(

yeah i know its a long shot.........

best price from dealer so far is $800 ($1200 rrp) but im working on that;)
Gee you have done ok to get that much off. Which one you going after the red or the blue?
What's the 'WTB' bit refer to?
Aussie Pete said:
What's the 'WTB' bit refer to?
Wanted To Buy = WTB.....
contact me on icq 116076369, may be able to put you in the right direction


all legit of course
Will do.....and thanx!!
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