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Hi All, Below is a list of the things I have for sale at the moment. I have jotted down some tentative prices, so feel free to make an offer on them.
The Front cut is just the engine bay, cut a bit behind the shockie towers, the side bits are very good, as are the towers themselves.

Items For Sale….

302/351 Genie Extractors Flange Type x 2 $100/Set
Xa Falcon Front Stone Tray $20
Manual Floor Shift Hump $10
XA Front Bumper Bar $20
XA Rear Bar also XB XC Coupe Same $30
XD Power Steer Pump $10
XE Ghia Headlamp No Glass $20
XA Sedan Complete Side Glass Kit $50 Set
XA XB Heater Boxes Pair of $20 Pair
XA XB T-Bar Shifter $40
351 Rods and Pistons x7 Cast Std Size $70 Set
Speedy Hurricane Wheels in 14x7 With 2 tyres $100 Set 4
XA Sedan Regulators Non Power $30 Set
XA Set of Door Hinges $20 Set of 8
XA Sedan Tail Lights $10 Pair
XA 500/Futura Saddle G/box Lid & Liner $20
XA 500/Futura Saddle Arm Rests $20 Set of 4
XA Vallance Panel $20
XA Between Grille and Bar Front Panel $20
XA Rear Stone Tray No Cut Outs $20
XA Bonnet Hold-down plate & ASSY. $30
XA Saddle Dog Legs $10
XA Coupe Door Shells RHS/LHS $250 Pair
XA Coupe Door Shells Singly $150 Each
XA Falcon Front Cut. $ Offers
XA Crash Pad Black Suitable to Reco $50
Chrome 351 Rocker Covers $20 Pair
XA XB Dash Surround Factory Air Con Type $75
Coupe Rear Demist. Screen Factory Tinted $100
Metro Ford Log Book Jacket $30
XA Superfringe and Faschia Non Push Button $50
XA Coupe White B-Pillar Kick Panels $40
XB Normal Heater Controller and Cables $20
Coupe Weather Seal Retainers x 2 $50 Set
Coupe Front Glass 1 Tint 1 Not Usual Scratches $30 Each
Sealed Beam Headlights Several of $10 Lot
XD V8 4 Pinion LSD 2.92 Ratio, 4 wheel disc, in good order $100

Please email me direct on [email protected] or you can call/sms 0423300088

Can arrange post for all items that will go via Aus Post, large items must be either picked up, or you arrange transportation.

Thanks for looking.

(P.S. Mods, dont move this as this is where I want this to be, not in the For Sale Bit. Thanks)
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