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I have a 1973 XB for sale. ( no Rego )
Up until last week it had one owner, an 86 year old lady neighbor of mine. Told her years ago if she ever wanted to sell it to let me know. Well she did that last week. But my circumstances are that I can't keep it and stay married :).
It's plated 10/73 .
White, 3 speed, 250 motor, power disc brakes.
73,000 miles.( speedo in MPH )
Interior is good, with back seat never sat in. Small seperation of stitching on drivers side front.
Tyres, ( wow I didn't know they made tyres that skinny ) are new.
No radio to distract you while driving.
Wire windscreen stone guard. ( Like driving in a bird cage )
Been regularly serviced.
Has some small dings on front guards and corners of back guards, but bumpers are mint.
A little rust bottom of all doors and a couple of other spots.
This is a genuine one owner early XB.
Make me an offer. ( no silly offers please, I did give this lady a fair price. )
I've allready been offered over $1000.
I live in Maryborough Queensland.


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