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Hi All,

I am a bit of a newbie to the forum but I'm hoping someone out there can help. I've owned my 86 S-pac XF Falcon s-wagon for 5 years and I've had quite a few dramas with it (which I won't go in to here) but I have decided to stick with the old girl. I've thrown a bit of cash into getting it mechanically sound and it's running sweet now, but lately I have noticed some rust appearing in the front guards on each side. It looks like the usual story with years of accumulated leaves and dirt clogging up the drain holes and causing rust holes to appear around the vents (resulting in wet feet after heavy rain). I would like to get the rust taken out and fixed up properly, but I was wondering what everyone reckons:

1. should I buy replacement guards (i.e. new from rare spares) or try to find ones in good condition from a wreckers (unlikely?) before having them fitted by a panel beater?

2. My S-pac wagon has the "S" decal strips along each side. If these were removed to deal with the rust, would it be possible to put them back on, or are they available to buy anywhere? Even though they look very 80's and a bit naff, I would like to keep the car looking as original as possible.

3. I live in Melbourne near the airport - does anyone know of a decent panelbeater who can do a good job for a reasonable price?

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