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Hi all. The XF is sick again. I was coming home from the city when I noticed the idle was progressively getting lower and lower, to the point where it would become lumpy. Then as I got closer to home, it wouldn't accelerate. Before I get blasted for running on empty; although there isnt much, there is enough fuel in the tank. She stalled and wouldn't restart. I had to push her home; lucky she died only a few hundred metres from home.

Now I think it could be only three things: the fuel pump is dead (mechanincal type non serviceable), the carby fuel intake strainer is blocked (maybe) or it could be that the fuel gauge sender in the tank has packed it in and heaven forbid, it could be an empty tank. There's no other cars home to make a trip to a servo and fill up the jerry can (I've sprained my right knee rather awkardly and walking hurts quite a bit at the moment. I can stand up and drive fine though).

I did a spark test and it came up fine, all the plugs are fine and the starter motor turns the engine over nice and quick. How can i determine which of these it could be?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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