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Hi everyone. I recently purchased a XG Ute and found that the odometer isn't working. I've also discovered that parts and the cluster itself is no longer available through genuine sources. The cost of a new cluster is out the question anyway, even if one was still available. No luck at the wreckers in my area either.
Having read some of Q&A here, the instrument cluster has the four gauges, tacho and speedo, and all working fine, but no "trip meter".
Are there any suggestions as to what options I have to repair, or replace the speedo?
Cheers, Peter

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sounds like the same problem that i had with my XF ute a couple of years ago.

there is some part in the odometer that wears out.
i took mine to a intsrument / gauge repair guy in town here and he fixed it in a day, think it cost about $85.
he reconded it was very common and kept the parts in stock.
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