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Was XLS, now XR8 UTE!!
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Hey guys, i just brought my first car, a 01 XLS Marlin UTE.. fully kitted up.. but only the 6cly for insurance purposes.. anyway, i was wondering if anyone could help me. the car is 157kw stock, i would like to get about 200-220kw at the fly wleel or about 160kw at the wheels.
what kind of mods would i have to do to achive this?
what am i looking at if i put in a chip, exhaust, K&N air filter, cold air intake, air flow sensor and throttle body and a new cam?
is that too much for a 6?

also, i want to lower the car about 1.5-2" whats the best set up for this keeping in mind it has Tickford suspention.. will it bouce around with no weight in the back?

thanks for your help!

also, will the Tickford brakes fit on a ute with no ABS?
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