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Finally got sick of the box shifting like a fairlane ghia in my EB (niiiice, sooooft, sluuuurry SMOOOTH shifts). Had a chat with the guys from vinces automatics in blacktown 9831 8253 and $360 got me a full service (including filter) and a upgraded adjustable "C5" solenoid. This was adjusted so the shifts are firm but no chirp (I dont want to stress things out too much !!)The shift points/pattern is identical, but the shifts are now FIRM, CRISP and positive and the car LAUNCHES into second rather than giving me a grandpa shift. Solenoid is adjustable but pan needs to be dropped. There are no downsides that i can see and i am VERY happy with the crisp shift quality and the fact that the shift points and TC lockup are unchanged. TC lockup is still smooth. EXACTLY what Vince described. Only other alternative is to get a Chiptorque dealer to program the EB or EL GT shift programs, but these are still pretty "soft" and generally more $. Regards
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