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Xr8 Radio's

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wish to install double deck stereo from 1995 LTD to 2000 AUIIXR8. Problem is how to remove the oval dash and the radio. anyone know how. ford wont tell me, told me to buy a manual. who sells the manuals.
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I have been looking at doing a similar thing with my XR8. The double din stereo that is in there is easy to get out. You only need the proper tool to release the pins from the front. The oval front doesn't need to come out as far as I am aware. To install you new stereo you need to remove the glovebox and surrounds from either side of the centre console. A guy told me 70 screws but that sounds a bit high. You then should be able to screw you replacement head units into place. And you know you will lose the stereo controls on the steering wheel!
Au2 XR8 stereo that has a 6 stack in dash doesn't. What are you planning to do with it?
:( Ok I though all series 2 got an upgraded stereo that got a six stacker in dash. Must have my facts wrong
:( Must say I am confused. According to my facts your series 2 Xr8 should have come with the prestige stereo which was upgraded to the following

Prestige audio - electronic tuning 100 watt AM/FM stereo radio, 6-disc in dash CD with 6 speakers security coded, one hour keyless play, mobile phone interface, muting and steering Wheel volume, station and CD controls

Mine is a series one XR8 and it came with single disc and only four speakers
Damed if I know You have me. That info came from the ford web site. I have read it some where else as well. Hang on I will go and look. You have the car and the instruction book so you must be right, but I would be asking the question. Just pulled out the Cat and it definately says VCT and XR8 have a 6 stacker in dash. Can't believe they would give you the wrong unit but something ain't right
With the xr8 there is only two models. Prestige or premium which is an extra cost. Either way the model you have should be a six stacker in dash. In fact I can't find the boot mounted stacker listed anywhere on the spec sheet. Looking at the unit the slot does look bigger then my single disc unit.
In short your unit should definately be a six stacker in dash and if you think it is not, the wrong unit has been fitted. I would hate for you to have a unit that does not have the features advertised as standard on series 2. The only other explaination is that you can feed one disc into the unit at a time and it stores it, but that is a guess and I wouldn't do it before checking the situation out and if I were you it is something I would be doing. Having said that it may make no difference to your planned stereo swap anyway!
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Wish I could get my book but the car is away being retrimmed. But my unit is series one so it definately is single disc. I have a picture of your unit and it has a disc button mind does not. Any help?
Under your lcd display is there a flat pannel with writing on it. I don't for one minute suggest that what you are saying is incorrect. I would however like to know why your car doesn't seem to be fitted with the equipment it should have. What is the build date?
Next to the slot on the left there is the eject and on the right the letters CD does oyur unit have this?
Mate don't know what to say. If your car has a series two front, 200kw engine, twin piston front brakes the stereo you have is no the right unit. Are you sure it is series 2
Spent some time looking through some mags and even motor have made a comment about the six stacker in dash but unfortunately can't find a picture to scan. Alot of press fleet cars were fitted with the premium unit but to look at them the only difference I can see is the tape deck. What you describe is a series one stereo single CD double din unit, whch would be fine if the rest of your car was series one and not like you say series 2
That expalins it. I thought you had bought it new and was thinking they had tried to pull one and as you say if it does not make you change your mind about replacing it, it does not matter! Would have offered to buy it though otherwise:wink2:
That egg crate centre should also look different to series one. Is the motor standard and are you planning any work?
Well I have a question for you then Broomy.
Is there any double din aftermarket stereo that is compatible with the Au steering wheel stereo controls ?
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