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XR8 Ute

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Is it wrong to want an XR8 ute when your not a tradesman??? I see the performance value of a ute more than its practical value and I realise they are a real work horse when compared to the show pony SS ute.

Someone please put me on the straight and narrow - am I crazy for wanting an XR8 ute????

I just want one!

Also found this cool 6 minute video of a red AU XR8 ute doing the rounds in a carpark in the US!!!!

And to quote the article "...Ford says it can’t import the Falcon Ute because it’s a truck-type vehicle that would get hit with a 25% import tax. But Toyota got around this tax on its pick-up truck for years by making the pick-up bed in California, importing the truck from Japan, and assembling the two in the U.S. Since local assembly was involved, it avoided the import tax. We think Ford could do the same thing..."
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XR8 Ute's, Pharken awesome!! I'd love on to kart around my amps and stuff!
Yep, when I load up the old galant (which I still don;t have back yet) with my amps and sh!t, it drops about 2" in the back and can't pull up hills ( well maybe just). Lucky for the high adjustable suspension!

The thing is with the Ford Ute, apparently visibilty is real bad, so having lost total vision in my left eye, I need all the visibility I can get!
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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