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XR8 Ute

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Is it wrong to want an XR8 ute when your not a tradesman??? I see the performance value of a ute more than its practical value and I realise they are a real work horse when compared to the show pony SS ute.

Someone please put me on the straight and narrow - am I crazy for wanting an XR8 ute????

I just want one!

Also found this cool 6 minute video of a red AU XR8 ute doing the rounds in a carpark in the US!!!!

And to quote the article "...Ford says it can’t import the Falcon Ute because it’s a truck-type vehicle that would get hit with a 25% import tax. But Toyota got around this tax on its pick-up truck for years by making the pick-up bed in California, importing the truck from Japan, and assembling the two in the U.S. Since local assembly was involved, it avoided the import tax. We think Ford could do the same thing..."
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gzr351 said:
Just goes to show there is a lot of people who have bad taste.
'Course there is.. Look how popular Holden is... :fmad:
Well obviously there's no accounting for personal tastes.

IMHO the side and rear profiles are crap for the bombodore ute and the front one only looks 1/2 decent
IMO, i think the commie looks a bit flimsy, as in the cab part being huge with the bodykit and all that, then the middle looks weak
it almost looks as if they have gave up on it and cut the top off the stationwagon made it into a tray and got rid of the doors after the b pillar. Although I'm sure Holden did a good job :rolleyes:
At the Enfield Auctions I saw a black AU2 xr8 ute. I started it up and straight away notice that it had a very growly exhaust note. I opened the hood and it had a Synergy 5000 engine. Isn't that the Tseries engine? It didn't sound like a standard XR8! The number plate I think was XR-08U, it had about 15K on the clock, leather interior, momo steering wheel and chrome roll bar.

:D :D
Was it one of the originally limited edition pursuit utes?
no it wasn't a pursuit ute.
Interesting. Would like to know the history on that beast:)
The simple explaination is that the previous owner changed the exhaust and engine markings but that would be a long shot. What engine power rating were they claiming for this car?
The AUII XR8 has the synergy markings on the engine, just a different engine cover. Should have an engraved signature of who built the engine too... :D
Yes that is true FM but that is for 200kw units only. The ute in question should be 185 and of the utes I have seen the plentum chamber badge is the same as mine.
Sedans of series 2 vintage do have the synergy marking and have the old Tseries 200 unit with a different engine moulding. I have one on my car and it caused untold confusion with the parts people
Good point HSE.. Forgot the utes only just got the 200kw motor!!... :CraZ:
Not say that is right, they may well have started badging 185 motor synergy at some stage.
I looked for the "built with pride..." badge and it didn't have one. It was about to close so I didn't have a good look at it. I'm guess it was a repo.
Sounds very interesting. Maybe some aftermarket synergy add ons or something??... :confused:
Yep you have me. I have no idea what it is !
Maybe someone with a large wallet convinced his local deler to put it on special order then :confused:
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