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Hey all Just a thought while I was reading some of the posts around here.

With my up and comming turbo project I plan to have the ECU controlled by a mustang A9l ECU edited by tweecer.

Now I plan to do this in stages.
stage 1: get everything else ready ie respray and finish my suspension
stage 2: fit the tweecer and get the electronics ready (fit the MAF sensor I have)
stage 3: fit the turbo and the cooler (includes relocating the battery) and run low boost on stock motor.
stage 4: rebuild the other motor I have to take a lot more boost.

Now obviously the time gap between stage 3 and 4 will be a long one as the motor build will be costly and take a while.

Now with the A9L being a V8 mustang ECU I have 2 extra injector controllers I can either turn off or use to drive 2 extra injectors higher in the rev range.

Now I have a whole set of spare injectors at home.

I'm thinking for the mean time I'll run 2 extra stock injectors and then later on upgrade the fuel pump and run bigger injectors with the new motor.

Now heres the question.
Whadda ya recon?

Two SC 61's = trouble
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Your better off with bigger injecters from the start.There is no guarantee that fuel will be distributed evenly into each cylinder. Besides these inlets are made to flow air and some fuel will stick to them..
Get atleast 30+ Lp inj...Then I guess two additional at throttle body to come in on boost through a Hobes switch...
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