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Hi To All,
In Desperate Need Of A Xw Radiator 6 Cyl. If Anyone Has One Can You Let Me Know.
Also Does Anyone Of Of A Radiator That Will Fit In Easily Off A New Model, Ie Can You Put In A El Falcon Radiator With Out To Much Hassle Reguarding Hoses, Dont Mind Making New Brackets,
Any Ideas Please

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smally351 said:
XD, XE or XF large radiator will just fit between the chassis rails nicely.
Yep - top mounts from an XA or so with the wide crossflow radiator - the ones that go back on a 45 degree angle.

Bottom mounts from an XF can be made to work well with some flat bar to go between the chassis and the castor rod support...

This is what I'm doing on my ZD EFI conversion - sorry, no pics at present...

Also, the XF overflow bottle and washer bottle will fit right in there...
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